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The idea behind We Don’t Go There At Night is very simple. Eighteen artists, two short texts, and one prompt: to make a Halloween comic with only the words provided.

152 pages of pure comix, by 18 different artists, from just 2 scripts — all for you, for free, for Halloween 2013!

From city streets to forest glades, subterranean ruins and the inside of a video game, take a look and see how far the imagination of any one comic artist can take you. WDGTAN showcases an incredible range of talents and styles from across the online comics scene, with stories ranging from 2 to 20 pages and full links to each artist’s work on the web, so you can easily find and follow your favourites.



Al-Azad - (link 1) 

Matt Bixler - (link 1) (link 2)

Whitney Brown - (link 1) (link 2)

Clayton Chowaniec - (link 1) (link 2)

Zack Corcoran - (link 1)

Nick Daniel - (link 1) 

Lucy Davis - (link 1) (link 2)

Declan Garrity - (link 1) (link 2)

Garrett Grassmyer - (link 1) (link 2)

M. Green - (link 1)

Lily Hudson - (link 1) 

Susan Knowles - (link 1) (link 2)

John Liver - (link 1)

Nilah Magruder - (link 1) (link 2)

Ruth Marnie - (link 1) (link 2)

Ryan Robinson - (link 1) (link 2)

Alex Vigil - (link 1)

Kayla Witherow - (link 1)


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And have a fantastic Halloween!

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