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Attention All Comic Creators!

I’ve spoken to one of the women helping to run this award, and it sounds like a seriously exciting new prospect, especially for indie creators! Let me lay out why:

  • It is being run by Graphic Scotland, who are deadly serious about bringing the art of comics into public recognition, securing support for comic artists of all stripes, and connecting creators within Scotland and all over the world. Believe me, they are legit and they are already making a big difference within Scotland - from event hosting to sponsorship, publishing and awards. This is an award run by people who care about the modern industry and its future.
  • It will be presented at a major book festival - that means book festival press, book festival audiences. I don’t think I need to say how hard it is for the comic industry to get that kind of literary attention, especially indie creators.
  • Did I say indie creators? Oh yes, that’s right - the award is open to self-published comics, including those originally created for a digital format. That means if you’ve put out a self-contained volume of a webcomic via PoD within the last year, your work is eligible. 
  • The award is open to comic creators anywhere in the world. Anywhere! You could be working out of a shack in the Andes and still enter this award! 

Above and beyond all that, they are actively looking for entries. They need people to come forward and submit their work to make this award worthwhile and successful - and this is its inaugural year.

This is probably the most open eligibility will ever be, and it is the perfect opportunity to get in there and show the organisers exactly what the contemporary comic scene looks like - the people they should be taking seriously. More than anything I would love to see indie and small press creators from all over the world overwhelm this competition with the kind of incredible, weird, and wonderful work I know is being produced and passed over.

Full Submission Guidelines are available here

Pass this around to everyone you know who might take a passing interest. Reblog it, tweet about it, tell your classmates and local studios, pass around the info at conventions. More than anything, get in there and make it your own. This is a massive opportunity!

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